The electrodes: sustained rapid economic development to promote industry development
The crown of electrode's main business is the development, carbon products development, production and sales. The main products of the company for the use of carbon electrode furnace metal or non metal smelting ore smelting. At the same time, in order to filling coefficient increase industrial furnace kiln chamber in the production process, make full use of the gap between the carbon electrode products, energy saving, cost saving, high quality cathode carbon block crown electrode also produced some aluminum electrolytic tank.
"Eleven five" period, China's annual GDP growth rate of 11.70%, is expected to "1025" period, the GDP annual growth rate will remain at 7% or more. The development of sustained rapid and healthy economic development of the inevitable push downstream industry, so as to drive the development of carbon industry.
At present, the performance of our country carbon electrode products have reached the international advanced level. In addition, because the electric calcined anthracite imports from China is one of the main raw material of carbon electrodes, the high cost of production to foreign enterprises, China's carbon electrode has obvious price advantage, in the international market competitiveness increase. From the first half of 2010, the domestic focus of carbon electrode export orders increased significantly, the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places.
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