1. Job TitleElectrical engineer Sex Male Vacancie2
    Ageup 18 year old EducationTechnical secondary school
    Five days of eight hours each week working system, 1650/month base salary, overtime in labour law terms, usually work 14, 02/h, weekends, 18/h, holidays, overtime, 28/h.Probationary period consolidated salary adjustment.Set bonuses and performance awards and service awards.Insurance, medical care, old-age insurance.Overtime payment standard: usually, 1 times, weekends twice times, national holiday 3 times times;Provide free accommodation (6-8/room, double bathroom, air condition, hot water
  2. Job TitleAccounting Sex All Vacancie2
    AgeOver 18 years old EducationJunior college
    There are more than two years work experience in accounting, work ethic, tough, age 20~35sui.
  3. Job TitleSales staff Sex All Vacancie2
    AgeSales staff Educationjunior middle school
    , 1 years old2, specialist qualification3, Extrovert, passionate and generous4, work conscientiously, diligent5, loyal to the company, strong sense of self-discipline,6, self-motivated, good to discover source7, self-confidence, have courage and patience in face of difficulties.8, sales experience or majored in engineering is preferredTime: 09/02/01-09/04/01Contact person: Mr ZhengContact phone: 0755-27364448
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